Food processing


Investment in Food Industries

The food sector in India has successfully established its presence. India's food ecosystem offers enormous investment opportunities with stimulating growth in the food retail sector, favorable economic policies, and attractive fiscal incentives. India is the world's sixth-largest food and grocery market. In India, the food and grocery retail business accounts for over 65 percent of the total retail market.

Through the Ministry of Food Processing Industries (MoFPI), the Government of India is also taking all necessary steps to boost investments in the food processing industry. The government has approved 41 food parks under the Mega Food Parks Scheme, with 22 of them open as of April 1, 2021.

By 2025, India's food processing business will be worth more than half a trillion dollars. By 2030, India's annual household consumption would have tripled, making it the world's fifth-largest consumer.

The automated method allows for 100 percent FDI in the food processing sector in India.

100% FDI in food processing is allowed through the government approval route for trading, including e-commerce regarding food products manufactured or produced in India.

  • 20.2 %

    % Share of GVA of agriculture and allied sector to total economy

  • 11.6 %

    Share in total employment

  • 10.4 %

    Share in India's exports

  • 136 %

    Cropping intensity

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